Cookie Dog

So the last blog was about my toona ho cats. Little did I know, the neighbor has a similar phenomenon – the cookie dog.

Visited my wonderful best-cookie-baker-ever neighbor, Heidi, this morning. She has her Christmas decorations up. She’s ready for the season. She is also, as mentioned above, the best cookie baker ever so her sugar cookies were done and ready to be frosted and decorated. So we frosted and decorated cookies, something I look forward to every year. All the while, Leo, the barky little dachshund, pranced and looked balefully at us, and assumed the cookies were for him.

Now prior to the successful batches, one batch of butterscotch oatmeal was a smidgen overdone. Never fear. Cookies NEVER go to waste. We ate those, ever grateful to the oven timer that misfired. Leo made noise and hovered in omg-are-they-ever-going-to-drop-one mode.

Sugar cookies finished, we retired to the living room, slightly overdone butterscotch oatmeal cookies in hand, and had a great mini-marathon session of our favorite TV show and chatted about this and that. Leo waited attentively at Heidi’s side, tail thumping noisily, ears perked, looking first at her, then at me, as we munched.

The time came for me to wander home, so I gathered my things, grabbed a handful of butterscotch oatmeal cookies, carefully wrapped them in a paper towel, and shoved them in my hobo bag purse. The purse with the long straps on it that let it dangle about knee high. Started hiking across the yard to my place, and noticed I was being followed by Sammi, the beagle. Sammi is a very nice, quiet little beagle who lives outside. Normally, Sammi walks about a half step behind anyone…

I looked down just in time to see her head in my purse. I stopped. She stopped. Sammi looked up with that wonderful beagle smile. Still clinging to her teeth was the corner of the paper towel. Sticking out of the corner of her mouth was… a COOKIE. Sammi was grinning from one long floppy beagle ear to the other. I had to laugh. Being the polite little beagle she is, she’d only taken one.

It’s the quiet ones you have to watch.