Life with Two Toona Ho’s

I belong to two toona ho’s. They are blatantly in it for the toona. And by the way, it is TOONA, not tuna. Their names are Lizzy and Zelda and they are guilty of interrupting my writing as many times per day as they think they can get toona from me. Toona or the infamous kitty krack. They will do anything for kitty krack. Jump through flaming hoops – yes. Step on my keyboard – most definitely. Walk across my workspace – no hesitation. Lie on my paperwork – this one turns into ‘how far can I stretch myself out to cover the most paperwork ?’

I look forward to their nap time. I love them with all my heart, but I still plan my writing around their nap time. It’s 4am and I should write more novel yet here I am, blogging about the cats. I really need to send a high word count to my NaNoWriMo account THIS week. This is my first experience with NaNoWriMo and as much as I thought it would spur me along, it’s not. Shame on you, NaNoWriMo! You are supposed to guilt me into writing more consistently. What the hell?

Actually, I’m stuck on a plot point with my novel. Also, I have a very bad habit of editing as I go. I need to learn to leave the editing until later. I need some inspiration. I’ve tried distracting myself, refocusing, starting fresh, plot diagramming, story boarding, eliminating distractions, food, caffeine intake, stretching, you-name-it, I’ve tried it. ACK! It’s not a true writers block – I can still write. I just don’t like what I write. I need to push through this part and get on with it.

There it is. As simple as that. I will leave this section and go on to the next. I will return later to tie the two together. Oh my God, I feel better already. Could it really be that simple? We shall see.

Meanwhile, the toona ho’s persist. Excuse me, I hear the can opener calling my name.


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