Welcome to Table411

Hi! My name’s Leigh and I’ll be blogging on the joys, sorrows, humor and satire of being a mature single in today’s society. Table411 is a play on the all too familiar phrase most singles hear every time they dine out – “Table for one?” and getting the “411” on being single. So, based on my experience and mixed with a healthy dose of realism and/or fantasy, depending on my mood, I hope to share insights, tickle your funny bone, help you understand your single friends, or perhaps just let you know that even though you are single, you are not alone. Being single is a lifestyle choice that some have raised to an art form. We’re here to explore that art form and have some fun!

General Housekeeping –

Generally speaking, this is a blog with the intended audience being adults (over 18) although most of the content will be G, PG but on occasion, perhaps R (preceded by a disclaimer), but never X rated. Also, I welcome appropriate comments (on topic), however I do ask that you practice the Golden Rule when posting comments. This goes for your choice of language too. My blog – my rules. You want to spew filth? Go write your own blog. That only seems fair, now doesn’t it?

Oh yes, one more thing – this is not a “Cupid Service” and any posts (or links) requesting, hinting at, or otherwise alluding to a pick-up line (to anyone) will be deleted and the commenter banned. Do that sort of thing in your own little corner of cyberspace, folks. I reserve the right to delete and/or ban any commenter who can’t seem to follow these very simple rules.

Welcome to Table411, your table is waiting…


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